It’s the mayor of the night, rules over her sleep, tossing and turning her, an enemy to the dawn.

Disappears as soon as the first bird sings, only to just be a whisper during the day, it doesn’t show nor roll you over, so she cannot believe it is real.

It plants fear and reaps crumble; it feeds on dreams and is visual in slaughtering them!

Separation comes easy at the thought of good, “it is almost too good to be true”, she says at everything in response to the whispers; now believable,

Certain unbelief and untrue truth, the world is upside down, nothing is the same no more.

New words come out her lips, words new to her tongue; it is hard to tell they are hers.

The mayor leaves her powerless and clueless of what he hides that much, at the expense of her rest and more.

“Endangered”, the toll has gone too far, her next of kin can’t seal the signs, folks do tell, fools can see her unseen tears and know why!

Her entire human costume vibrates too much to listen to closely, the mayor’s grip is too familiar, and the marks of his hands dissolve with her skin tone! Her defense fire is gone, but if she crumbles another little while, she’ll create another!

The length of the torture is out of her control as long as this fire is out, the focus is trying to make its way back in… the night is still a sport but not as extreme

She allies with the first bird to sing… she befriends the whole choir; night shuns dawn, pretty peaceful move.

A spark of fire forms. A sign of life, her choir sees. A familiar laugh in her bones starts to dance within.

Wherever the mayor ruled, she claims back as she fights what is authentic and what is not.

A necessary warfare, a fair play the mayor surrenders to her heart… he gives himself to her!

He restores what he took back from her, and serves her potential, the whispers of lies he changes into whispers of tomorrow’s hope!

Rest comes so easily, at the thought of fear, “I conquered” she says to every one of his visual uninvited visits,

She allows him to set her soul ablaze, for once!

“I got your mayor”, she says!

But it was a necessary nightmare!