Every time something new happens, it happens so quickly

A new love, a new heart, a new faith, a new mind, a new fire

Maybe it comes in so slowly, and later spent very quickly!

It springs up in the fastest ways and we lose track

It entangles itself around the necks of our thoughts, so quickly

It chokes our breaths so fast that we can’t speak of another word without mentioning it so quickly!

We find pockets in each and every conversation we have with those that we love,

And so quickly they too notice that change so quickly!

How come this glow shows so quickly?


As we devour with passion, and it gets so familiar too quickly,

Our spirits depend on what they bring in and take out, we submit so quickly

We become either advocates or activists for what they stand for,

We decide to pursue a different path, even if it takes us to turn around so quickly,

It feels as though you can’t remember what you were so quickly,

On and on, we start to feel that maybe this is what we are meant to be so quickly!

A sense of belonging, I know very well this is where I belong, so quickly!

We start to use words like forever, always and never so quickly!

Held permanent temporarily,

Maybe it’s a phase, maybe it’s a habit, and maybe it’s just something that happened so quickly!



Suddenly, you feel a gap from within you so quickly,

You get thirsty of another change so quickly,

Demanding more and more of these new things that are happening so quickly,

Like an outfit that is no longer trending, we throw these things away so quickly

And yet we ask ourselves why we can’t get our sleep so quickly?

What was sparking our eyes in front of the world begins to fade so quickly!

We begin to squeeze our eyes looking for purpose,

We find we are trapped and it now makes sense to bring up words like forever, always and never!

This phase gets you awkward, tired and hopeless so quickly!

Quitting, staying and not knowing which one,

In between you can’t do anything so quickly!



But who is to blame?

Who can still believe that in this century, with everyone making history,

They don’t know where you’re going? Or what they feel? Or what they love?

Tell me more about yourself and you have to think so quickly!

Making up stories and posting them, seeking validation so quickly!

That we don’t realize, it is our story we are writing so quickly!

We change to be advocates and activists of yet another direction!

Perhaps this time to something that we didn’t jump in so quickly!


It’s not a fact that this won’t change too, but it’s a relief to find the only part of you in the world,

That waits for your time, teaches you so gracefully,

That abides with every sense humanity left in you,

It peels off the shades of dead passion off of you so quickly,

Awakens something that serves even others

Uplifts your life to the fullest, and makes you want to learn so quickly!

It smells like your fulfillment! Talks like your best laugh! Feels like the truth! And it looks like yourself!

Don’t blame anybody, or anything, for happening so quickly!

You can tell yourself  to stop moving so quickly!


How did all of these things start to happen so quickly?