Do I understand that I am single?

That I sleep on every side of the bed in my heart?

My body and my soul, my sole proprietorship?

And that God is the man my heart should be after?

That He is the man who is in charge if the breath in my lungs?

That He is the one and only one capable of carrying my flaws and still love me the same without separating or ridiculing me—-nor scolding or looking down on me?

That my intimacy should be intact with my weaver who tailored and stroke every cord to make me?

A relationship that shakes the ground and lits a fire that pulls me around others that feel the same way too!

It is only reasonable that my single days unify me

more with my Creator, for He knows whose rib I hold and has every intention to rise him from sleep in his right time!

In my single days, I’ll binge worship you!