He says shush, don’t let it see the light of the sun

It will be just between you and me, you’re such a private person

I will keep this secret safe, and you know how smart I can make you!

We are going to do the same every day until you can no longer feel a thing

It will be your escape from reality, your adrenaline will rush through your veins

And you will be excited, he swears it won’t ever change you, it’ll make you happier.

Forget what is good, hate friends who are honest with you

Find new circles and meet people who have no problem identifying your ugly truth,

Connect deeply and as fast as you can before anyone spots your insecurities.

Name after your stories unpopular opinions, cover up as confident like it is who you are!

Celebrate things that don’t matter, because I want you to forget what really has meaning and sense!

I will keep you insane, I won’t ever let you go, you are mine.

Honey, you know it!

Repent and turn against me! He who is the way, the truth and the life would do that for you!

But where are you going? It is only between us!

You’re not ready to put yourself out there, maybe you are; this is not your first try

Maybe you’re not, I will make it five times harder to quit, too sweet to stop!

I am sending you signals, I will link you to better names and circles!

The cycle starts over and over again, I swear it is your reality.

Slowly, and surely, this void becomes a sweet spot

Only I can scratch, and fill, but never satisfy!

You’ll be fooled and somehow some days it’ll be enough!

Most of those days the truth will be in your eyes, and deny yourself from engaging!

Situations will remind you a peace you once felt before I captured you!

Your knees will want to worship someone you are not in love with anymore!

I seize to tell you more, before you think of running away!

Your calling scares me!

Your heart threatens me, I can’t own it!

I only manipulate what you show me as weak!

I place you in a position I can take them away temporarily,

But I know without argument, you are just a decision away from me!

I say shush again, this is between me and you,

You know how private and smart I can make you look!

Repent and turn against me!

Maybe you’re ready to put yourself out there!

Maybe you’re not,

As you stay confused,

You are mine.