I want to sing a song, that will last for so long;

For women, the good wives, so sisters tag along!

I want to call painters, dancers, musicians and prophets, because this day will be long:

I dreamt my granny tell her granny, please teach me the hymns to this song!

From a generation that portrays a brave new world, in these walls!

Behold we pitch perfect the chorus together, we sing our souls from our soles, we walk proudly on them!

We want to sing a song that will last so long!

For women, the good wives, so sisters tag along!


When the world named us women, something tells me it had to be a stronger version of men, Amen!

We were lent just a little space to rent, and time after time my granny’s granny was mommy at ten, or a teen!

We could be masters of our fates but granny had no clue, no assignment was due!

She tended to her rather female chores. Bit her teeth in her rehearsed speeches,

I would bet she lived to fulfill what she wished for,

And still. Nothing in this world could ever justify why she couldn’t sing this song too!

She worked herself to the bones, something tells me she had to be stronger than men, no one notices!

She choked on her thoughts, dug them deep into men and women she raised defying all odds,



I believe she rejoices when she sees her mini little me gather up a few voices,

Of women, the good wives and sisters mimicking the lyrics to my little nieces,

Switching from the old lies and articulate the present vows in tongues of renaissance!

Her granddaughters bubbling up with a self-love strong enough to stand up solo against poor guidance!

Taking turns and sipping coffee with my neighbor’s sons and grandsons over inventions in different but equal intelligence!


Presuming we don’t have much to say, we could burn most eardrums if we let out our deafening pain!

Pain! Shame! Self-doubt! Self-pity! Low self-esteems. A little bit of random emotions! Fight emotions and be named a feminist, show a little too much emotion then you are feminine!

As if there is something wrong with any of the two,

We began the era of sorry for being a little too this and a little too that!

Afraid to be smart, afraid to be soft!

I don’t know if it’s just me but I think I got a big mouth if I expressed myself even a bit!

Got into trouble one too many times, eavesdropping and noting what the faraway hid from me!

Nicknamed names that signified illegitimate in a way that pushes me away from me!

Struggled with showing twice energy and commitment to outcompete a brother from another mother!

Fell in love with the first book of a heroine story, hadn’t read any like it, not so many anyway!

Silently convinced it was never for those who took it the easy way!


We were assigned this mountain to show the world it can be moved!

We’re not the most eloquent of speakers, but we sing from our hearts!

We let them sense, even when our prayers aren’t too strong,

Our instincts aren’t to be wronged!

Our courage can’t be contained, our joys can’t be maintained, and our tears can’t be withheld,

Our gossip can’t be censored, our perfumes and oils can’t be escaped….

The drama that surrounds our lives, the secrets, the sweetness of our candor!

We bargain hard for our value, yet none of it should take away our authenticity!


Sing a new song, women, the good wives and please sisters come along,

Bring painters, dancers, musicians and prophets, this day will be so long!

Forget not your granny’s granny’s battle for your voice, and don’t hold back your tongue!

Humbly obey and gracefully attend to your calling!

Educate, train and deeply plant this new song,

Being a woman is a gift, believing in a woman is a wit, but celebrating a woman makes the world complete!

You’re born free, and free you shall be!

Behold we pitch perfect this chorus together, singing our souls from our sole we proudly walk on!