When we rose to molding our own vision, the world got ready to fight us

It put us in a rare category of people, it was the only crime we ever committed

We are in a position where opinions are valid from anyone, someone, and everyone

We cause chaos because we refuse to stay silent about this fire burning in us,

If it scares you to see us walking milestones in our own passions and dreams

Blame it on us.

Blame it on us, that when others are sleeping, we turn our lamps on!

We squint our eyes all night through so when you don’t appreciate the stars the way we do;

Light shines upon us and reveals the universe’s secrets to us

We didn’t steal anything

Luck didn’t locate us and miss out on you;

Blame it on us if we can be influential and turn the whole world around with our craziness!

You think it is all games and all easy but how come you don’t fill any room without people on your payroll

Blame it on us that we hang out with icons of the nations

Blame it on us that your free time is never dull, for our creations rejuvenate souls;

We heal, we amend, we proclaim, we address, we spiritualize

Blame it on us that we are heroes in our crazy kind of fancy costumes

Blame it on us for pretending to be rich which we actually are

You’re still closed in the same box as you were for all the last decades,

You call it hard labor, you call mine weak and senseless

If outside the box makes me drive the same car as you do

Eat the same food you do, vacations and any hard earned luxury you earn

Blame it on us that we kind of do some work too.

They call it a fulltime job, some say an actual job

But blame it on us if our minds need more stimulus,

Checkmate, who worked more?

My trap catches entirely anyone… ages, races, religions

My net rubs their backs and agrees with all unfiltered images and pictures of lives unlived,

What do you understand when people say they feel lyrics when they’re sad?

Because we refuse to overlook any human instinct, impulse and intuition

Blame it on us that without us, you would be as empty as I am without you

Blame it on us that the credit we get is highly due and can never get it in numbers we earn

Blame it on us that we are equal but different.

Respect art, ask yourself, demand yourself, force yourself.

And blame it on us.