This could be the end of everything

We gave our very best from the very beginning,

Cutting hearts wide open, letting each other in,

Catching our breaths, tripping over blows and bandages, we gave in!

Translating fumes and tides of emotions none of us is ready to ignore,

False hopes, unending second chances.

Pardon after pardon, mercy after mercy, fairness after loneliness,

This could be the end of everything.


Watching you go, forgetting you and your easy smile,

The back of my mind never saw it coming,

Becoming your half enemy!

I got tired of losing and creating my own hope!

Fixing a heart I didn’t break,

Second to feeling so small,

Third to unapproved feelings and fourth to unappreciated efforts!

Fifth, sixth and seventh to healing myself and entitling it strength,

Cherish became nothing and love just another daily unheard prayer,

This could be the end of everything!


Needed someone to rely on, somewhere to begin! Yet somewhere to belong!

To taste respect, and find how better it is than your attention,

Somewhere I couldn’t stop singing oh my! Oh my!

Endanger my own life and take over the whole world with you,

Survive and fit in it with you, I told you!

Outlive our shells and fight for our dreams!

If none of it ever passed your mind, at least remember how I loved you!

Maybe you’re right. I accept this to happen. I forget my worth and keep thinking you see it for me.

Telling the truth and apologizing for being sincere with myself since it hurts you.

This. Could be the end of everything!


I want to remember what truly made me enjoy myself without you

Reinvent my reliance system,

Follow my inner bliss and see doors where there were only walls,

I can’t learn to un-love you but I will try to love myself more!

Sometimes what I need most, I must give it most. Including to me too.

It will take me a good deal of time to be attracted to what’s good for me!

Nothing in this life ever beats experience.

So this, is my start of everything.


Just before I knew it, you were going to be the biggest part of me,

I reckon I tolerate more than examine your flaws,

In a war where sorrow and pain are always winning,

Understand that we should probably stop intertwining!

You can choke my voice but not crash my spirit!

I’m sorry if that’s all you offer for love, I mean call love

I wasn’t raised that way! Even if I were, my intuition tells me

That this could be the end of everything!


I hope to relive all my sweetest memories,

Rediscover the joys I carried with me before I entered this battlefield

Listen to my child soul so religiously before you haunt or charm me with incorrect lines!

Collect a few, more new scars on my engraved skin!

Name them after new pieces of a new earth!

Shut down wherever I feel broken on the inside!

Turn my back against dark energy,

Open the windows of my heart to a new ray of light!

Ignite a fire, behold a new friend sits within me!

This should be the end of everything.