It didnt have to be narrow, the Bible should forgive me please,
What were I supposed to think, l have got to squeeze??
Fit in and press myself against this little path I dont necessarily see,
Worrying about things I intentionally forget to keep up with,

Hand me the keys to where my Creator lives,
I’ll ask him, which road is less travelled?
Take me there! Leave me there!
For if I find myself there,complete and absolute,
I will have built up enough courage to decide why go narrow or not,

I swear they taught us it’s depression and boredom,
But what is wrong if that is what I call freedom?
Too many roads and too many norms,
No treasures,no mysteries,
I daydream of a world I can only write in stories,
And that can only be done on a less travelled road,
I need to see.

Happy New Year!