You can’t hear yourself speak, you just listen!
To the crumbling of your soul in the darkness eternally, listen!
Clothed and bathed in shame of evils done by another, lips bitten
Set aside in the corner of the unclean
Living so cautiously out of fear for what is unseen
Keeper of mysteries and secrets, you live mean.

Abused by someone of impeccable esteem,
Believed they are one to speak of redeem,
Saving lives and touching wounds,
Promising your life is in better hands,
Portraying thy masculinity, like you and rejection are sworn enemies
Truth is all I want is UNDO, was I granted the liberties!

There is nothing more isolating,
Than being in a room full of people and none of them sees you and what you are feeling,
I remember the cold and lonely nights I knew there was no door lock strong enough,
No word tasted perfectly bitter to your mind, my skin grew to be just tough,
I would undo, the whys of why you were rough!
Amongst men, you’re glad I play the game of politeness,
I forget everything I know about forgiveness!
The thought of you forcing hands beneath my skirts.

The details are sickening,
Your satisfaction breath was deafening,
Bribing and torturing me with uninvited compliments,
My life depended on your choice of amendments,
I sleep confused on why my tears and I had lost all our attachments!
Prayers flew so fast and none came back alive, I adopted resentment!
Which is all I want to UNDO, hear myself speak and not just listen!

Always at loss of what so say!
Presuming time heals everything,
No, time doesn’t heal anything.
In fact, time awakes all hidden demons,
Strange and not so smart coping defense mechanisms,
We do way too many cheesy things to get over our pain!
How much therapy is therapy?

I’m not alone,
I hear worse and worse, some are broken to the bone,
I hear help is on the way,
I have only one wish by the way,

Relearn that truth conquers facts in the end!
No we don’t dress for your attention, not even when we bend!
I was young, you were tense, was it a trend?
Un-steal my self-love
Un-touch my sacred temple above,
Zip back my feminine self, embrace my power as brave!
You taught me how to hate but I learned how to scribble.
Courage to speak is an offence to those who don’t feel us,
Freedom from you is all we seek,
The guilt we carry, no soap can clean us, we are mighty sick!
Stories untold are proof, that silence is a trick
Undo those threats, just undo.

Bring back our girls, and their innocence,
Release their trust, grant us renaissance!
Undo the tragedies, back us up despite our ignorance.
If it looks like mere resistance,
Remember I don’t owe you obedience!
We refuse to settle for violence,
This is just the start of our independence,
We hear ourselves speak and not just listen!

Fight Violence Against Women!