You ate?
Don’t spill the milk, I won’t clean up after you always.
Do you know how much that cost me?
Where are you going dressed like that?

Who’s that young man hanging out with you?
Did you tell him you have Sunday choir practice?
And Saturday Bible study? Did you?

Do you drink water though?
You look dehydrated
Your hair looks terrible,
There’s no future in looking like FUTURE
Wash and dish up real quick.

Why you driving like you want to kill me?
Go left, no right, you nearly died, that was close.
Step on the brakes you slow driver!
Who taught you all these bad moves?

Where will you find a man if you can’t tie a tie?
Come here. I’ll help you,
But who in this world will you be without me?
Don’t yawn in public,
Leave the toilet sparkling clean, wash your hands, you have so many germs!
And on and on and on and on…..

Until when we become our mothers, to those we love!
Control is all we know!
Pardon me if I mother you
And forget to leave you in your bubble.
Your own sacred place and pace
To reveal that you are your own person

Forgive me if I want you to clean up
When you don’t even notice the mess in your head
Don’t take it personal if I find out things I don’t mean to
I carry too much of you, that you don’t know about you!

I stick to you slavishly,
Extreme details possess all my instincts to want to overshadow you,
I have listened to enough of my mother’s music to know when I am being played,
By the illusion of credits to unasked for care.

Sorry, it looks exactly like,
I hold you from exploring and exchanging
Your own paths, I am busy mothering
My intention is to love you the only way I know how to.