Unnoticed in cozy crazy shades of lazy,
You’re tiny, the size of my palm warms you,
It’s empty? no, I prefer you as a hole.
Worth thousands of volts, electric and much too strong,
You hide in a secret place of my mind,
You take all the time you think you need and I don’t,
Creeping out on funny flames that you’re burning,
Your skin, I wish you had one.

How many names you have in this world,
Myths about you are collateral,
A mystery to some, to whom you don’t exist, even as a hole,
Your vibrations could be numbed but what a torture if they aren’t,
This strange little thing! A strange little snitch!
Shocks and strokes from some of your tricks,
When we repel from what we both resist,
I pass out in soul crash downs and touchdowns.

Case opened, lil guy you talk people out of catching you,
I am not one of the kind you mess around and run away with it, murder
You mock us and have fun having heavy names in your smallness
I rent you the most precious of houses,
Doesn’t look like it is enough,
If it were, life couldn’t be so tough!

You’re examinable!
And I’m left with so little time to revise you!

They taught me how to run, but you teach me how to fly!
I want to buy you a body, that’d make me a painter,
Since you’re unimaginable!
Cold nights of empty sounds of our strange little conversations,
You’re yet too quietly enjoying adventures unheard of.
Strange little secrets!
Think of how happy I could be, sleeping.

Making deals and shaking hands enchanting how proud we are of each other,
Yet you embarrass me more than anything I own,
You sit on my brain, cross fingered hoping for my best,
We cheer each other up and hold hands at our worst,
Repeating illusions and spitting a few lucid dreams and ideas until they don’t hurt!
I come home to you, and you promise the next days are yet a new history!
I’m pushed and voila you disappear again, in that strange little hole!

If this case were ever closed,
You’re only blurry when I have no clear vision,
You’re scared to come out if I don’t usher you in with beast volumes,
I dig the holes hoping to catch you,
You start to burn me for not being proud of you!
Teach me how to listen and walk with you the miles you have to race between my mind and heart!
How to feel with a less self-centered strange little gut,
And oh thank you, strange little gift.