Love, you are a walking contradiction. 

Such an assault to my senses.

Just yesterday I was drunk in love,

Today all of a sudden I am overly dehydrated I need an IV!

The gospel on love is me on a Sunday afternoon, sharing joy and making love,

Singing hymns of my love on concerts of my fairytales,

No sooner than the finale performance, I hate giving my cookie jar up!
Love, you’re such a deal breaker, boy you can’t afford my heart!

The other day you broke it I vowed I won’t do you no more!

We closed the deal and promised to never break it not even for kings and dons!

You say a quick yes, but somehow you peeped into my ugly secrets on the boy who served the merchants,

Disguised yourself in humble mantras and convince my dehydrated soul that love in that way is okay!
I say a quick yes but here I am drunk on love again I don’t know if Saturday morning won’t find me in the arms of my new favorite dream!

How long are you staying anyway?

“As long as it takes”, like seriously?

But earlier on in this week you said you don’t have enough room in my dark heart and you say you’re staying?

Can’t you be a little bit unpredictable? Keep some mystery?

I know I don’t mean it that way but can you please give me some space?

I need some fresh air, even from that young good looking charming man!

Don’t tease me with the nonsense of spend the rest of my life standing by him,

Don’t preach me about having the best man in the world, I know he is but please get out!
Tell me one more secret before you go! How do you do that?

He said what? 

I said, how do you make someone glow just because they let you in?

That very moment smiles change their radius, 

The hue and saturation filters change, on the tones of our respective skins, and

Suddenly flaws disappear

We all become angels towards each other, days finally seem to be paradise-ish

We can’t get enough of each other!

But why can’t you be consistent for once?

Does it make you happy to see us break each other? Where do you hide after killing us slowly?

Where do you take the pieces of us you keep removing from us?

What do you do with them?

How does it help you when we can no longer communicate happily?

When we’re fighting what on earth is going through your mind?
Goddamn it, you’re a contradiction!

You want it rough, so if I am a bit tender you don’t afford me, you walk past me!

You want it romantic so if this time I come so rough, you think I’m ghetto!

Adult or not you still want to be playing games!

I mean, who are you?

Who do you think you are?

Nobody gets you right! Some spend years together you break them for no good reason!

Some get a fire over one month and you’re so faithful and loyal to them!

Please for one last time, stop being a contradiction!

You make some of us look stupid!