What took you so long?

Friends we had been for too long; 

Felt for once I had a place where I belong

For years we confided, the kind they write in songs;

Forged or answered questions, and explored them in sibling arguments,

Freaked me out and calmed me down with strangely declared compliments,

Figured my sassy personality needed no amendments,

Focused on perks of being your boothang, you had no replacements.
Between you and me, were only personal boundaries;

Besties and things about which I made no enquiries,

Buddies and hobbies were none my worries,

Brings me back to a point, I was one of them. It sent me a sort of messages,

Back at home, you filled my phone memory with miss you messages,

But you still chose to love me, the way a best friend manages,

Breaking no rules, for you to cause my heart no damages.
How would you care and share that much, and expect to leave me the same?

Hanging me on a stack of feelings that I couldn’t even hardly tame,

Holding the key to our love in your hands but still I’m the one to blame,

How could I stand up for myself when I was not sure you felt the same?

Heights of love I had no way to measure,

Hate admitting you were my simplest and hardest day’s pleasure,

Haven’t I always talked to you even on days of no leisure?
What took you so long?

Why didn’t you start it as one of your statements that get me thinking so hard?

When did I ever critique your sense of senses? I know I wouldn’t say it’s awkward. 

What love in the world was ever more than what we had?

We took hours and hours doing exactly what we do now, love in all languages,

We spent years, in a bubble of love we could have for ages,

What took you so long to tell me you love me?
I wanted you to sensate me,

Ignoring the kind of drama I was going to roll my eyes off me,

Imagining I am as human and as much in need to have love glow on me,

If love and friendship are headlines of our story, 

It would’ve inspired me to live every day, how I like, in a double mystery,

It makes me want to cry, yes it does.

What took you so long? You know what I see as fake,

We would tell from my eyes I wouldn’t lie or make your heart break.

What took you so long to tell me you love me?
Now that I think about it, you feared ever loosing me. You covered up in shadows of a just a loyal friend,

Nodding to stories of my failing relationships, offering advice on boys you couldn’t even defend.

Numbering days we spent apart, as if what we had was about to end,

Leaving me in a spot of target if I don’t ask you to not pretend.

Lies are not your gift, but hiding yourself sure is your thing,

Letting me go was impossible, letting me in was far from your dreaming,
What took you so long, to say that you love me?

Now I have found a place I belong.

For years, I will confide in you the way they write in songs.

Forge or answer questions and explore them in sibling arguments,

Freak me out and calm me down with strangely declared compliments,

Figure my sassy personality needs no amendments,

Focus on perks of being your boothang, you have no replacements.

Love is more like that, I am not tripping.