Ballerina shoes


Ballerina shoes

Flat and tidy. Sweet and swift. Simple and full of glam. Knots on top, sometimes feathers, or another craft. Polished in black, or gold, or cheetah… red or beige, these shoes are magic to my legs. They speak to my body in a type of way, I feel down to earth but can still conquer the world.

In any shape, open toes or not, I appeal classy and casual. Wild combination of princess attire and maiden simplicity. I can wear them on absolutely anything and still look flashy. The flesh on my legs is toned up by the careful edges drawn geometrically to show off their beauty.

I love them most on short dresses and skirts with buggy bottoms. A chance to look like ballet dancers. Feeling all comfy and exquisite. No girl wants to look they have spent the entire week looking for something to wear. Some love looking expensive and never going to admit it. I love my ballerina shoes because if I choose them right, you will fall for my taste as soon as you see how perfect they make me feel.

My need to look simple and relaxed, ballerina shoes know it most. I don’t want to have a long day and have to switch them with anything. Work, play, and dates, they work anywhere.

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