I have been challenged by the fact that one can live a whole lifetime in a shadow of the latter’s expectations. Self-abuse is one chronic disease the 21st century came with. Rules, schools and bullies haunting petal like souls out of place. Weak enough to be stumbled upon and strong enough to give in to these tales.

Invisible, his only emotion. Nothing he did was ever remembered or remarked. He sat in that locker room and watched everything like a classic play on a broken TV set. Score after score, he disappeared from his own records. Stopped counting and started searching blindly waving his hands in the air as if drowning from the nets he was choked with trying to be a pleaser of anyone but himself.

To be a man, do this do that. Sport and muscle. Be tough and arrogant. No one saw what a soft layer lay beneath his sweat, his love for touching lives and dreams to décor life in parallel dimensions. It was like suddenly everything went dark, he stuck out really bad.

Like a ram accidentally waking up in a lion’s den, in the dominion of fear. Not to be butchered, but to live in a shadow of everything he could be if he was nurtured by his own kind. I don’t know where the story ends, has it ended, but a ram lion it is. Out of place.