Before you, I was a goddess. After you, I became a mere peasant. You took away everything I ever lived for. You took my happy hours, my solitude and my entire breathing consoles me refueling my loneliness. Your childish laugh and burning light skin made them all fall for you, your dreamy eyes make them crave looking at you every ticking of time.

Every little thing you say is taken so seriously. Too precious to not be heard. And here I am shouting my thoughts, writing them over and over again, with no hope of ever being slapped even a slight no. I push so hard to be noticed but they forgot about me. I myself can’t hear my own voice. I am so used to putting yours first.

You’re prettier, smarter and much younger than I. It’s beautiful how you have a sparkle in your eyes when you talk about things you love. I can only sadly ask myself what I could have possibly done to be you, but I already know that damning truth. I can’t stop looking for chances to look at how you take over my world, it soaks my eyes but it is what it is. In my corner of shame, I stance from a perfect view.

Or maybe I am wrong to think so. I could be right too. I miss my crown you took from me, if it were ever mine. Do you ever see it that way? Although we cannot share the crown, I probably don’t deserve it.