Have you ever felt like you were being called for a bigger world?

Have you ever seen everything as though it were preparing you for a tougher and deeper journey?

Has it ever occurred to you to meet people and in just as a short time as a blink you knew it was or wasn’t the right people to take you to that journey?

Has your inner voice ever told you to hold on and fight a little harder for something for you knew so well– that was where you really wanted to be?

Have you ever heard stories that you related to with every single word and anecdote? Did it make your heart smile knowing that there are people living your dream story?

Have you ever pictured yourself, from a dream picture to a real picture? Did it feel as though you were dreaming or you actually started to act as though it was real?

Have you ever swollen at heart from running away from yourself? Have you noticed that what soothes your heart is the same things you run away from all the time?

Have you ever whispered to your soul,” I wish I was…or did…or had…or I don’t wish for nothing like that”?