I am a stranger to this freedom, a ghost to my desire

He’s new and smells so bland, like a new fire

His flames burn my eyes, his light twists my sight

I can’t breathe its heavy lots for me, I can’t hide

That I am a stranger to this freedom.

Every morning he hides so far away under my bed,

So that he brings me to my knees, and face him

Earn him, on my four limbs, bent neck and held out hands.

He is a moment of truth, that knocks on my soul’s door

And says sweetheart, turn up the fire, get up, get up!

Marvel is his best friend.

Legend is his nickname. Cheers is his favorite music.

I can’t hide that I am a stranger to this freedom

On the spotlight, I can be whoever I want to be

I deserve you freedom, and you deserve me.


The HandPain