Earlier this year, I vowed with myself that this year has to make me nervous, excited, grown, challenged, and outlive the shell I have always curled myself in. I needed to feel my own life thrilling me the way I want it. I said I want to live like I matter, my happiness and sorrow depend on me way too much to be living in a shadow of expectations of the latter.

I took measures, and strictly posted sticky notes in my own handwriting all over my room wall so that it haunts me if I go out to the world and treat myself so ordinarily. They were constant reminders that my time line is short lived and time is my only enemy.

Six months, I have never lived a day without feeling special. I live in love, failure, cliffs of deadly fear, echelons of pride that smell like success every morning I wake up. The goals I have reached, mountains I have climbed, my year is not going to leave me the same. And so are the next years, I have embraced the fire I have in  my mouth, my gift and special character.

State of my Year, The HandPain