You ever had a time in your life things get out of hand or get so exciting, makes you lose your mind or wows every bit of you and all you think about is want to share it with someone? Well, I personally go through that at least everyday.

The HandPain Blog is a blog made to relieve you and me, to relate with you and excite you in a way. I wanted to reach out to everyone with my writing gift and put a smile on your face. I dream of being a great blogger in the hall of a bunch of them. Please make some noise for me, share with your friends, because my hands do the thinking, the best thing I know how to do is write.

It is that rush in my hands and mind to share that inspired me to create The HandPain and hopefully this pain will be a great source of inspiration, laughter and color to many lives.

Visit as many times as you can, and I will post as much as I can, Leave a comment and I will get back at you.